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Born in 1996 into a Polish family with a history in the photography business, Wes gravitated towards video animation and film making before starting his photography career at age 16. Throughout his teenagehood, he struggled with fitting into a social group and began using photography as a way to slowly be accepted into the graffiti and house party scene in the quiet suburbs in the Greater Toronto Area. His photography soon grew into experimental portraiture and a way to understand how to manipulate subjects to take directions. For him, photographing a good portrait is almost like performing a magic trick, it requires patience, split second timing & distractions to help him subject forget there's a camera in their face.

Since then, he has continued to work on multiple photo series that explore the human condition, from staying with strangers living in rich & poor parts of the world, to exploring past relationships.

After 8 years of experimenting with different lighting styles, camera mediums, Photoshop manipulations and subjects, Wes is still looking for the next creative avenue to explore.


Wes currently resides in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

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